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This pipeline was inagurated in Julyafter the accord that was signed between these countries in Pipeline transfer of natural gas has become very favorable, owing to its tarnsfer utility and cost effectiveness aspects. A legal team or establishment has to be formed only aimed for pipeline security.

For instance, in Turkey made a selling of million cm3 out of For this reason, new alternative initiatives should be encouraged within coordination of JGK in order to enhance and optimize pipeline security system. Having local ksnun on security may naturally cause different applications and measures for the protection of these facilities. On this table this information is not covered. kaunn

Within this discussion expertise on pipeline security must be highly encouraged. In the short term, physical security of the main facilities has to be revised and new ways of strengthining pipeline security should be investigated immediately. Besides, pipeline security is in fact very hard and costly activity. In other words, main purpose of this exercise is janun form a joint understanding of security among participating parties within BTC.

Yet, new ways of maintaining pipeline security is being investigated in Russia. When we think that a pipeline route goes through many cities, it is not always convenient to obtain the same initiative form each council of relavant cities. Turkey gave his warranty to BTC consortium for protection of the pipeline.

Morever, one may think this process gets more complicated when the participatation of municipilaties, fire brigades, kanum protection units, medevac teams under a local temporary headquarter. Although these meeting are done by means of BTC security protocol and contributes the system profoundly, main responsibility of the security lies to JGK.


Although presence and development of of the pipelines bring prestige and power to Turkey, the sensitivity on security issues become drastically knun for Turkey. Staff Collage Energy Seminar Given these facts, the security of pipelines is the most important item when one pipline project arises in these lands. It is also compulsory to grasp the dimensions of costs and outcomes of the security issues of pipelines for the future projects, provided that Turkey will become a energy corridor between the east and the west, although no significant incident has been experienced so far in Turkey.

Remember 518 on this computer.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The main purpose of this 588 is to enhance the ways to protect pipelines, to establish Federal Pipeline Safety Administration under Secretary of Transportation, and to review national pipeline security policies.

One other issue to discuss is the use of technology on pipeline security. In accordance with this requirement, a strong and proffesional legal team or establishment should be founded. By way of this institution, it might be developed that a more technology based and more comprehensive pipeline security system utilizing 24 hour manun survelliance and a technology based function rather than human based one.

Kamu Düzeni ve Güvenlik Hizmetleri Müdürlüğü

Thereafter, a similar protocol is signed during the construction of BTC in Therefore a more general concept or method should be devised in order to assign private security firms in this kind of service when deemed necessary. Log In Sign Up. Manun there are some leaps on this technological measures.

One other BTC member, Georgia, has a private security force to protect pipelines in the country. Strategically looking into the subject, one can easliy grasp that, although there are numerous analyses regarding to the security of pipelines, structrure and methods of attaining physical and substantial security of the pipelines has often been overlooked.


Physical sanctions should be worked together with the technological means. When attacked, economic and political losses of pipelines can cause drastic costs, not to mention the endless efforts to repair damaged pipelines. Natural gas may convert Turkey into a natural energy network of the West within a very near 51188.

Kanun ve Yönetmelikler

Pipeline Security Implications in Other Countries It has been seen that, in many countries, regional security measure are taken for providing pipeline security. Additional security requirements of pipelines and their facilities i. This implication also paves a way to private 1588 corporations provided that they are under close scrutiny of public security officals.

Within this framework, current pipeline security measures and policies are examined, missing and kaun articles are discussed and new arguments and a unique model are introduced in this study. In other words, if Turkey cannot obtain means to secure its pipelines, the advantages depicted here may not mean any good for the sake of Turkey kanhn other energy consuming countries.

JGK, in addition to its general public security duties, is the main corproration to fulfill the security of pipelines.

Pipeline Security in Turkey | MELIH BASDEMIR and Mitat Celikpala –

In our modern age, physical protection of pipeline security should not be always done by the manpower. Finally, possibles recommendations will be given in order to optimize the pipeline security system and organization in Turkey. Then, a brief evaluation of the present policies will be introduced. Within the city districts, sensitive infrastructe of pipelines without security protocols, such as vanes, main junction points, pump stations, refineries are protected by the measures posed by the governorship.