Speaker: Chander Ganesan. Image from Introduction to Django Wed 07 March From PyCon US · Image from Introduction to Django. Introduction to Django. Wed 07 March By Chander Ganesan The Django framework is a fast, flexible, easy to learn, and easy to use framework for. Intro to Django Workshop November tutorials, the Django book (to a lesser extent) and Chander Ganesan’s PyCon talk from this year.

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It would appear that we must do without. Chander Ganesan Apparently IT-my doesn’t like me to post working links This informative video will quickly get you up to speed on Django fundamentals, and show ganesamintroduction how to generate a data model and put together a simple website using the framework.

Introduction to Django

Test Automation in Python, Robot Framework. Organizers of Python user groups and regional conferences need help finding speakers to pull together great events and grow the Python community. The PyCON organizers should have been more dutiful in providing these slides they just seemingly neglected all those who could not attend. If you’re willing and able to speak on Python topics, please add yourself to the list below.


Ganesan seems to be active on Twitter, but is also actively ignoring me or cannot help and just is not responding.

Introduction to Django by Chander Ganesan

Asynchronous Tasks with Django and Celery. Sadly, Chandar only teaches a roomful when he could have tutored the world.

Poison Ghost thanks for posting this! Building a Blog with Django 1. Will travel anywhere, given advance notice.

Django, open source, Web 2. A M It’s still there. Advanced Python or Understanding Python.

Adam Cook I tweeted Mr. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Python, Django, GeoDjango jdunck -at- gmail. Getting Started with Django – Best Practices.

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Impossible to see what is on the screen. Cephlin Link is broken, do you have an update link? Pantsly This is ganesanintroductiln talk I’d really like to see the slides for.

Jon Jones Octagon Interview. Python, Django, open source, web service APIs and mashups. In this session, we’ll cover the fundamentals of development with Django, generate a. Take the URL provided by the author, which will thanks to IT-my encoding it with special characters.


Friends don’t let friends use Drupal.

Plone, Django, Google App Engine, open source, sprinting, running an open source consulting business. That being said, I’ve received numerous requests for these slides via email, and have responded with a copy of the slide deck each time.

Hi, i am new to Dhango and i installed django 1. Django, Python, database journalism, and Open Source in general. Help them find you!

Chander Ganesan The slides are online here: You can’t copy-paste it.