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The text of Kekaumenos does not, in fact, even mention the Carpathians or the areas north of the Danube.

The Pannonians are Bulgarians. As already noted, nothing about these romwna names would indicate Romanian presence in that area at the time of the Hungarian conquest.

They rpmana the inhabitants of this region through- out history. The nomad masters needed sedentary subjects who could supply them with food. In that area there are many Roman finds, but no Lombard relics.

The Supplex was the first manifestation of Romanian national consciousness and the new historical ideology to be supported by Vienna, although it was only one of the results of the political movement in the s.

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As previously mentioned, they often designated contemporary peoples by antique names, in most cases on the basis of the territory in which they were living or some ethnographical similarity between the different populations. Chapter IX discusses the origin of the names of some other peoples among whom the Romanians lived. The details Anonymus gave about these battles were not compatible with descriptions from other sources, and place names often were used merely.

Inthe Visigoths led by Alaric settled in Savia; another chieftain, Athaulf, occupied a part of Pannonia Prima in Two points of view were expressed on the date of the war: And so it happened. At the end of the eighteenth century the panorthodox awareness of the high-ranking clergy in the Danubian Principalities was stronger than their consciousness of linguistic or ethnic ties.


One of the achievements was the periodization of the Hungarian graves, on the basis of their inventory, through a dis- tinction between the Old Hungarian and the Bjelo Brdo type ceme- teries. The Byzantine sources recorded a dangerous Hungarian inroad in the Byzantine Empire, in The territory between the Maros River and Haram Castle was said to have been ruled by Glad, who came from Vidin; but the ethnic character of his people was not specified.

The results were compared with the written sources, including GH. Although the Romantics abandoned the medieval view of history, they turned to the legacy of national myths nungarorum a source of legitimacy for “national rights.

Gelou – Wikipedia

Qui cum venisset, domino suo de bonitate illius terre multa dixit: For this reason, there are similar names in Transylvania that display the same preservation of the nasal- ization feature. In conclusion, we consider that the present state of the investi- gation cannot romnaa a final hunyarorum for the identity of the Ano- nymous Notary. Gelou vero eomana ultrasilvanus audi- ens adventum eius, congregavit exercitum suum et cepit velocissimo cursu equitare obviam ei, ut hungaarorum per portas Mezesinas prohiberet.

The residence of this duke at Belgrade Alba Bulgariae 11 is in agreement with the expansion of the duchy of Bulgaria over this area, after the disappearance of the Sirmium theme in Their language was akin to the extinct language of the Iranians. Alba-Iulia, the residence of the bishop, is not mentioned in GH, as well as southern and eastern Transylvania. The absence of a feudal state organization during the Migrations Period in this part of Europe made possible the free circulation of shepherds, but also of peasants, over large areas.

The most significant effect of this act was the op porturiities. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

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The same identification was shared by other historians. The difference between western Pannonia and the area close to the Empire became greater and greater when the barbarians began to settle between these regions.


From these scholars, the chroniclers of the Romanian Principalities took over the idea of the Roman origin of the Romanians and of their unity and continued existence in the former province of Dacia Traiana. This means that the historical event that could be associated with this archaeological evidence is the attack of King Stephen I against the Transylvanian duke, happened in or The Anonymous Notary sometimes moved later events also occurred in the 10th century to the time of Duke Arpad.

Transylvania in the medieval Hungarian Kingdom — —1. Maior, studying the historical sources, made a great effort to bridge over the gap between the abandonment of Trajan’s Dacia by the Romans in A.

He believed that this year, written in Arabic numer- als, is hidden in the adornment of the initial letter P, but his inter- pretation is not convincing. The Thracian language belongs to the Indo-European group spoken in ancient times in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The Athenian historian Laonikos Chalcocondylas wrote a contemporary history whose central theme was the growing power of the Turks and the fall of the Byzantine Empire. A quo, quidam fluvio Hungari a gentibus occidentis sunt vocati.

Therefore, the exasperated Romans crushed them. Even the Anonymous Notary said very clearly in c. We suppose instead that Achtum was an ally of the Bulgarian Tzar Samuel, before The round chapel from Alba-Iulia does not prove the location of Gylas, because it could also be dated in the second half of the 9th century.